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Canada Unveils Loaded Roster As It Goes For Gold

Yzerman, who is Stamkos' general manger with the Lightning, said Stamkos is scheduled for X-rays later this week. "If he's healthy, he's one of the 25 best players, obviously," Yzerman said at a news conference in Toronto. "If we didn't name him today and no one is injured, we wouldn't be able to announce him later." Injured players can be replaced before the final rosters are set on Feb. 11, the day before the first games are played. Yzerman said several players are under consideration to replace injured players such as Stamkos, but wouldn't name any of them. "You can speculate for yourself," Yzerman said. <br>More:

Canada Confirms Avian Flu Death

3, Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne said in a statement. No more cases are expected in Alberta because of the rare nature of the flu and the precautions taken by authorities, Horne said in the statement. In 2013, there were 38 world-wide cases of H5N1 avian influenza reported to the World Health Organization , with 24 deaths reported, the Alberta government said. The risk of human-to-human transmission of this influenza strain is very low, and Canadian authorities have notified their Chinese counterparts, Dr. Gregory Taylor, Canada s deputy chief public health officer, said in a televised press conference in Ottawa. The individual read had flown from Beijing to Edmonton, Alberta, with a stopover in Vancouver, Taylor said. <br>More:

2014 Olympics: Team Canada's wealth of talent results in star-studded roster – and inevitable second-guessing

Key vehicle subsystems, including a high-performance drive train, advanced suspension and braking systems, and a state-of-the-art armour protection system, allow the Oshkosh MSVS SMP to achieve a 70 percent off-road mission profile and a 98 percent mission reliability rate - both of which will enable Canada's ground forces to more safely operate in a vast array of threat levels, climates and terrains. The Oshkosh MSVS SMP builds upon decades of in-theatre experience around the globe and more than one billion real-world operational kilometres accumulated on the Oshkosh Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) platform. The acclaimed HEMTT platform is a purpose-built military vehicle that has been chosen by the United States Department of Defense and more than 20 allies worldwide - consistently outperforming commercial vehicle derivatives in competitive scenarios. Canada's MSVS SMP RFP also includes five years of In-Service Support (ISS). With Canadian troops more frequently mobilized around the world for defence and humanitarian missions, complete life cycle sustainment is increasingly important to ensure mission readiness. The Oshkosh team's ISS offering leverages decades of performance based contracting and major repair/overhaul programs experience to minimize MSVS SMP life cycle costs while maximizing reliability and readiness rates. "Our ISS plan is based on a robust global supply chain and a mature logistics system that spans six continents," added Lazar. <br>More:

Canada Reports First Case in North America of H5N1 Flu

No. But is he another Rob Zamuner, who made it over Mark Messier in 1998 when Canada failed to medal in Nagano? No. Hes not that, either. Far from it. <br>More:

Canada Train Derailment: Freighter Carrying Oil Derails, Burns In New Brunswick

Officials declined to release the sex of the victim, who died Jan. 3. They said online they don't know how the person contracted the virus. There is no evidence that anyone else was infected by the victim. Dr. <br>More: Canada confirms first H5N1 bird flu death in North America

18, 2013. The collision at a level crossing took place at the peak of the morning commute. Passengers on the bus say they screamed at the driver to stop just before the crash, and witnesses on the ground said the bus plowed directly into the side of the passing, four-car train. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Adrian Wyld) Emergency personnel look over the crash scene following a collision between a Via Rail train and a city bus at a crossing in Ottawa, Ontario, Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013. <br>More:

CANADA STOCKS-TSX rises slightly as Valeant continues advance

8, 2014 11:02 p.m. ET OTTAWAA Canadian died from the H5N1 strain of avian flu, officials said, in the first fatality in North America from a virus that has been infecting people off and on for more than a decade. The Alberta resident fell ill on a return flight from China to Canada and died on Jan. 3. Federal officials said the case was isolated and the risk of others getting H5N1 low. <br>More:

Oshkosh Defense Canada Delivers MSVS SMP Bid with Next-Generation Capabilities for Canadian Armed Forces

I'm expecting it to be up and down for the next several weeks, if not months," said John Stephenson, senior vice president at First Asset Investment Management Inc. "The bigger story here is the United States doing much better, with Canada tagging along, and Europe not being as much of a problem as it has been in the past years," he added. "That's a good backdrop for us." Investors also digested a bullish U.S. private jobs report, ahead of nonfarm payrolls data set for release on Friday. Figures from payrolls processor ADP on Wednesday showed U.S. <br>More:

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It's A Showdown: Denver Vs. Amsterdam

Amsterdam Kathleen Lavine | Denver Business Journal Marijuana is now legal in Denver. But how does Denver stack up when compared to Amsterdam? Staff Denver Business Journal Both Denver and Amsterdam have much in common, but the first thing that comes to mind is marijuana. Well, The Huffington Post wants to know: Could Denver "ever replace Amsterdam as the ultimate weed weekender?" The website leaves pot out of the picture to consider other areas that visitors to each city would enjoy, such as scenery, history, arts and culture, and food. We won't give away the results of The Huffington Post's showdown between the clicking here cities, but it's safe to say Denver has Amsterdam beat in a couple of categories, including sports and beer. Read More at <br>More:

2360 Amsterdam Avenue

1. You can buy way more weed legally in Denver than you can in Amsterdam. Colorado's Amendment 64 allows state residents to buy 1 ounce of weed at a time from the state's dispensaries, most of which are located in the Denver area . (Out-of-state residents are limited to a quarter ounce at a time.) In Amsterdam, you can't buy more than 5 grams at a time from the city's "coffee shops." 2. You can legally grow weed in Denver. In Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands, that's against the law. In Denver, as in the rest of the state, you can grow up to six plants per adult in the privacy of your own home , as long as they're grown in an "enclosed, locked space" and no more than three of the plants are flowering at a time. <br>More:

DiNapoli: Amsterdam, NY finances deteriorating, inaccurate

$779,000USD More Information View full listing on Really? A 3 Bedroom 2 Bath Duplex Condo with 250 SF Terrace and your own garage space in the building? Come see for yourself! Call Roberta at 917-597-3319 to make a weekend appointment. The living room, kitchen, entrance hall and terrace are on the lower floor. The spacious terrace faces south with a view of Highbridge Park and the 1872 Highbridge Water Tower. The bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry are upstairs, also with southern views.If you commute to New Jersey via the GW Bridge, the Bronx or upstate via Route 9 the Deegan or I95, or downtown Manhattan via the FDR/Harlem River Drive, your home and garage will be amazingly close to your commute route, and after you park, you will take the elevator from the garage to your penthouse! <br>More:

In Amsterdam, alcoholics being paid in beer to collect litter

Its aircraft are expected to have been about 89 per cent full over the month and, on a rolling 12-month basis, it is likely to have carried about 61million passengers in the past year. Amsterdam is understood to have been the top destination with Geneva in second place as a gateway to ski resorts. Barcelona, Berlin and Nice are also expected to be in the list of top ten destinations. Soaraway: EasyJet is expected to have carried nearly 4.4million passengers last month EasyJet, which is the second largest low-cost airline in Europe after Ryanair, declined to comment on the figures. Ryanair has said a record 5million passengers boarded its planes in December, taking the annual figure to 81million, which is 2 per cent up on 2012. <br>More:

New Amsterdam

There is going to be a huge economic boom. Tripp Keber, owner, Dixie Elixirs Brown, a stylish young guy who formerly worked as a college recruiter for Bloomberg and a consultant for Accenture, knows a good business opportunity when he sees one. Unlike the states retail marijuana operations, which have to build and staff grow facilities and shops while navigating a state regulatory labyrinth, Browns enterprise has very little overhead or oversight. Hes essentially free-riding on a system being built by state regulators and industry stakeholders. So far, he hasnt bothered with advertising, since extensive media coverage (including this Slate story) has spread word of his venture far and wide. Brown is fond of boasting, We will make as much profit on a four-day tour as a marijuana dispensary makes selling a patient a years worth of pot. When it comes to marijuana tourism, there could be a lot of profit to go around. <br>More:

5 Reasons Denver Is Now More Weed-Friendly Than Amsterdam

The organization provides shelter, relief and aid to people in the margins of society. They see their litter program as, as the BBC put it, a more pragmatic approach. (BBC) Janet van de Noord, who runs the program, told the BBC , "It's quite difficult to get these people off the alcohol completely. We have tried everything else. see page Now this is the only thing that works. We might not make them better, but we are giving them a better quality of life and it's better for the neighborhood, they're giving something back to society." (BBC) There has been a noticeable difference in Oosterpark, a large park in Amsterdam in which many alcoholics have resided. The BBC writes that since The Rainbow Group started their efforts, there have been fewer reports of violent crimes and the park is largely litter free. (BBC) Rene, a 52-year-old man, is one of 20 alcoholics who are participating. <br>More:

Amsterdam is easyJet's No 1 destination as airline sees rise in passengers

In the last three years, Amsterdam's short-term borrowing for expenses more than tripled from $4.7 million in 2010-11 to $16.6 million as of March 2013. One of the biggest obstacles confronting the city is the small amount of its overall revenue that comes from property taxes. Property tax revenue accounted for 16.7 percent of total revenue in 2011. That news is about 10 percentage points below the state average for all other New York cities, excluding New York City. To improve the city's finances, DiNapoli urged Amsterdam officials to develop a long-term financial plan. He also is calling on city officials to complete monthly bank reconciliations and provide monthly financial reports to the city council to monitor its financial operations. Thane said the city image source plans to establish a finance department and work with accounting firms to correct its records. <br>More:

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Spain’s Juan Carlos Vows To Maintain Embattled Monarchy

It is expected that the panel will make a decision ahead of external link the March 8 court date requested by Castro. The princess's husband, Inaki Urdangarin, is accused of diverting, for private use, public funds earmarked for his nonprofit foundation. Urdangarin, an Olympic medalist in handball, led a private foundation that secured contracts from regional governments to promote sports and tourism. He has faced preliminary charges for more than a year. The preliminary charges could eventually be dropped, but a filing of indictments would set a trial in motion. <br>More:

REFILE-Spain yields hit 4-year lows, 2014 issuance seen comfortable

The unit revenue per available seat-kilometer was resilient, the company said. European stocks got a few pieces of data on Wednesday. Retail sales for the euro zone rose at the fastest pace in 12 years during November, lifting hopes for a revival in domestic demand. The sales jump came as a surprise as the euro zones unemployment rate stayed stubbornly high in November, unchanged at 12.1%. Other data showed German manufacturing orders surging in November amid a glut of bulk orders. <br>More:

Spain Resurgence Aids Euro-Zone Recovery Hopes

Urdangarin has denied any wrongdoing. The case is one of many high-level corruption scandals in Spain that have undermined faith in public institutions at a time of economic crisis marked by deep cuts in public spending. Opinion of the royal family in particular has sunk to its lowest level ever. A Sigma Dos poll published on Sunday showed almost two thirds of Spaniards want King Juan Carlos to abdicate after 38 years on the throne and hand over to Prince Felipe, who is still well regarded and is not implicated in his sister's case. Juan Carlos became king with the restoration of the monarchy in 1975 following the death of the dictator General Francisco Franco. He won respect from Spaniards for his role in the transition to democracy, notably his actions in foiling a coup attempt in 1981. <br>More:;_ylt=A2KJ3Cfu08tSGEQAeRzQtDMD

Spain, Portugal stocks rally, standing out in Europe

Its services sector grew at its fastest in more than six years in December and the number unemployed fell by 2.24 percent. Indicators elsewhere have also been positive, and expectations that the European Central Bank will keep interest rates low for a long period or even cut them further, have supported high-yielding euro zone. Strong demand on Tuesday for Ireland's first bond sale since it exited its redirected EU/IMF bailout also boded well for Madrid's issuance strategy. Despite Spain planning to sell 133.3 billion euros in medium- and long-term bonds this year, up from 128.4 billion in 2013, its 10-year bond yields fell 3 basis points to 3.78 percent - their lowest since late 2009. Spanish yields have fallen almost 40 bps this year. <br>More:

Spain profile

The investigating magistrate, Jose Castro, has gone after the Princess before, but failed to make anything stick. This time, he has come to court armed with far more details and the co-operation of Mr. Urdangarins former business partner, Diego Torres, who also faces charges. Mr. Torres has turned on the royals and offered up a stack of internal e-mails that he alleges implicate the Princess in the scam. Things will only get worse for the royal family. <br>More:

Spain and Japan agree to work jointly to benefit from LatAm's growth

6, 2014 5:31 a.m. ET The euro zone's services sector and its broader private sector continued to expand in December as a resurgence in Spain helped compensate for continued weakness in France, according to surveys of purchasing managers released Monday. Based on a survey of 5,000 manufacturing firms and services providers across the currency area, data firm Markit's composite Purchasing Managers Indexa measure of private sector activityrose to 52.1 in December from 51.7 in November, in line with the flash estimate released mid-December. A... <br>More:

Preliminary charges again filed against Spain's Princess Cristina

This cooperation was firmed up during the Tuesday and Wednesday visit to Spain of Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, who met both with his Spanish counterpart, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and was received in an audience by King Juan Carlos. "Spain will be for Japan the entry door to Latin America and Japan will be the door to Asia for Spain," the assistant director of communications in the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Koichi Mizushima, told reporters. Regarding Latin America, the two countries agreed to cooperate by increasing communication and other contacts between their embassies in that region, where Spain is the second-largest investor after the United States, and shares a common language, Mizushima emphasized, adding that this issue was discussed on Wednesday at the meeting between Rajoy and Kishida. The Japanese official also noted that his country was an observer at the most recent Ibero-American Summit, webpage which was held in Panama last October. The Japanese minister congratulated Rajoy on his efforts to rekindle the Spanish economy and the two men discussed the areas of renewable energy, health and infrastructure, where - the Japanese spokesman said - both countries are "strong." Mizushima also said that this is Kishida's first official visit abroad in 2014, emphasizing that the two nations are celebrating four centuries of bilateral relations and, to mark the occasion, the two ministers exchanged jerseys of their respective national soccer teams with their surnames and the number 400 on the back. <br>More:

Plotters surrender after King Juan Carlos makes a televised address demanding an end to the coup. 1982 - Another coup plot by right-wing extremists discovered shortly before Socialists win large majority and form a government. Spain joins Nato. 1986 - Spain joins the European Economic Community, later to become the European Union. 1992 - Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona. <br>More:

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A Year After Mali Action, France Remains 'africa's Gendarme'

France to cut troops in Mali, says mission accomplished

With nearly 6,000 men permanently stationed across the continent, France is uniquely placed to act quickly when law and order break down and regimes collapse. Its deployment is organised around two main poles, Libreville in the west (940 troops), and Djibouti in the east (2,000) and it also has troops in Chad (950), Senegal (350) and Ivory Coast (450), as well as special forces stationed notably in Niger. With the gradual return to stability in Mali, the emergence of the CAR crisis and the more general threat of Islamist terrorism across the vast, ungovernable Sahel region, France is in the process of redrawing its military presence across Africa. View gallery A French soldier from the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment of the Sangaris Operation patrols the street "I'm seeing the heads of state to discuss with them how we will in the coming months... reorganise and expand our presence geographically in Africa," Le Drian said Thursday last week in Bangui. France intervened in Africa 19 times between 1962 see page and 1995, often to sway a state's internal politics under the murky "francafrique" system put in place by Charles de Gaulle to maintain political and business interests in the former colonies. <br>More:

Consequently, they are not able to exercise their rights, in particular their right of access, objection or deletion. The company does not comply with its obligation to obtain user consent prior to the storage of cookies on their terminals. It fails to define retention periods applicable to the data which it processes. Finally, it permits itself to combine all the data it collects about its users across all of this site its services without any legal basis. CNIL's announcement also noted that data protection regulatory groups in Spain and the Netherlands came to similar conclusions in November and December of last year. <br>More:

France slaps Google with fine, remedial measure

France isnt alone in rolling out the welcome mat for foreign productions. Since 2013, the U.K. has extended rebates to vfx work, animation and TV production, tempting 24 to London. A $27 million Dutch fund for international productions launches in 2014. But in bidding to lure runaway shoots, few countries have been as aggressive as France. Just last year, the ceiling per movie for Gauls Tax Rebate for Intl. <br>More:

France slaps Google with fines, remedial measures

View gallery A French soldier stands at the military base in Gao on December 31, 2013 (AFP Photo/Joel Saget) Creil (France) (AFP) - France will cut its troops in Mali to 1,600 by the middle of next month from the current level of 2,500, President Francois Hollande said more? info… Wednesday. Speaking at an airbase in Creil in northern France, Hollande said the "situation is well under control" in Mali, where the "key objectives of the mission have been accomplished." "The troop size will be reduced from about 2,500 at present to 1,600 and then to 1,000 which is the number necessary to fight any threat that might resurface as these terrorist groups are still present in northern Mali," the president said. France launched the military Operation Serval in its former colony on January 11, 2013 to repel an Islamist advance following a coup. The intervention has been widely hailed as a success internationally for stopping Al-Qaeda-linked militants and Tuareg rebels from descending south of the sprawling country and advancing on the capital Bamako. Politics & Government PROVO, Utah (AP) A 58-year-old Utah woman is set to give birth in a few weeks to her first grandchild. <br>More:

France Fines Google 150,000 Euro After It Refuses To Comply With Data Protection Act

It fails to define retention periods applicable to the data which it processes. Finally, it permits itself to combine all the data it collects about its users across all of its services without any legal basis. CNIL's announcement also noted that data protection regulatory groups in Spain and the Netherlands came to similar conclusions in November and December of last year. Google took a noncommittal stance in its response to CNIL's demands. "We've engaged fully with the CNIL throughout this process to explain our privacy policy and how it allows us to create simpler, more effective services. We'll be reading their report closely to determine next steps," said a Google spokesperson. <br>More:

Former SS soldier, 88, charged over 1944 village massacre in France

The privacy watchdog, known as CNIL, has also ordered Google to post the decision on its homepage for 48 hours within eight days of being officially notified of the ruling. At issue was the new approach to user data that Google began in March 2012, in which it consolidated its 60 privacy policies into one and started combining data collected on individual users across its services, including YouTube, Gmail and social network Google+. It gave users no means to opt out. "The company does not sufficiently inform its users of the conditions in which their personal data are processed, nor of the purposes of this processing," CNIL said in a statement. A Google France spokesman told Reuters the company will take note of this decision and consider further action. "Throughout our talks with CNIL, we have explained our privacy policy and how it allows us to create simpler and more efficient services," he said. Spain, Britain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have also opened similar cases against Google because the U.S.-based web giant's privacy policy introduced in 2012 does not conform with local rules protecting consumers on how their personal data is processed and stored. <br>More:

France fines Google over data privacy

Oradour is an ambiguous symbol because it represents not just the atrocities committed by the Nazis but also a post-war failure to punish the perpetrators. Heinz Lammerding, the Waffen SS general in command of the unit that committed the massacre, was captured by Allied forces but never extradited to France and was sentenced to death in absentia by a Bordeaux military court in 1951. He died in his bed in Bavaria in 1971. Hengstenberg said the new charge resulted from a fresh look at a previous investigation into the events. In 1953, 12 Alsatian soldiers who took part in the massacre while serving in the German army were sentenced to life in prison and one to death, but France's parliament immediately pardoned them in the name of "national reconciliation". <br>More:

France Fights Bidding War to Lure Hollywood Filmmakers

In early 2012, Google consolidated its multiple privacy policies into a single document, which prompted the working group of all EU data protection authorities to look into these changes. The EU decided that Google wasnt in compliance with its legal framework and asked the company to make a number of changes to the policy, which Google never made . France asked Google for a relatively small number of changes to the document, define retention periods, limit the combination here. of users data and to fairly collect and process passive users data. CNIL, as well as other EU data watchdogs, then started its own enforcement proceedings and issued this rather small penalty on January 3. Given Googles size, 150,000 euros arent exactly going to hurt the company. Indeed, the amount may be smaller than what Google would have to pay its lawyers to work on these documents. In the U.S. the FTC recently settled with (source) Google for a full $22 million after it discovered that the company bypassed Safaris privacy settings. <br>More:

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Update 2-mexico 2013 Auto Output, Exports Hit Records For 4th Ye

"Mexico again reaches a record figure and again wins eighth place among world vehicle manufacturers," Eduardo Solis, president of AMIA, told a press conference. He added that Mexico was the world's fourth-biggest auto exporter. Still, auto production missed initial expectations for 2.95 to 3 million units last year. Solis on Wednesday declined to offer projections for 2014. Sales last year to the United States, Mexico's No. <br>More:

Fishermen in Mexico find two conjoined whale calves

ET Mexico Stocks, Peso Slump on Tapering Concerns Text By Amy Guthrie MEXICO CITY--Mexican stocks slumped Wednesday and the peso weakened after minutes from the last U.S. Federal Open Market Committee meeting showed that most officials see the effects of monthly asset purchases diminishing over time. The IPC index of leading stocks dropped 0.6% to 41516 points while the peso closed at MXN13.1335 to the U.S. dollar compared with MXN13.0160 at the close Tuesday. The Fed decided at its latest meeting to reduce El Informe the bond-buying program amid signs of stronger economic growth. The minutes indicated that most officials backed an initial paring of the program, though some worried the economic recovery might be too fragile. <br>More:

Mexico Stocks, Peso Slump on Tapering Concerns

Also Former Mexican drug czar convicted of aiding cartel dies at 79 In the city of Paracuaro, about 300 vigilantes engaged in a shootout with a criminal group Saturday Panama and took control of the main government building, according to media reports. One vigilante was reported killed. The 11 members of the municipal police force were held by vigilantes and remained in their custody Tuesday afternoon, the state prosecutors office said. On Sunday and Monday, highways in the region were blocked by residents apparently upset that the self-defense groups had taken over, although vigilantes, in social media messages, said the Knights Templar were behind the protests. Paracuaro Mayor Lucila Barajas has asked the federal government to intervene to free the police officers. <br>More:,0,1418583.story

Mexico vigilantes take over government building, hold 11 officers

Mexican officials say fishermen have found two conjoined gray whale calves in a lagoon in Baja California. A government biologist, Benito Bermudez, said the whales were found alive in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon but died shortly after being born. He said they were linked at the waist, with two full heads and tail fins. Every year, thousands of gray whales swim south from the US state of Alaska to warmer waters in Mexico where they mate and give birth. Mr Bermudez, who works for Mexico's National Natural Protected Areas Commission, or CONANP, described the discovery as "exceptionally rare". view "It's the first record we have of this event in the history of whale censuses we've conducted since 1985," he told the EFE news agency. He said scientists were collecting skin, muscle and baleen samples to study the creatures. <br>More:

Mexico’s Fox: he’s back, with an energy fund – UPDATED

The currency also fell as a report showed U.S. companies added the most employees in a year, fueling concern that the Federal Reserve will reduce at a faster pace bond purchases that have bolstered demand for emerging-market assets. The combination of the strong employment number out of the U.S. and the very weak Mexican consumer confidence print has renewed pressure on the peso, Eduardo Suarez , a Latin America foreign-exchange strategist at Bank of Nova Scotia , said in an e-mailed response to questions. The currency fell 1.4 percent last year as Mexicos economy was projected by analysts to expand 1.3 percent in 2013, the slowest pace since a recession in 2009. <br>More:

Mexico Currency Declines as Consumer Sentiment Misses Forecast

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