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Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

He believed that equality between the sexes should be a goal of society and that birth control was a tool to achieve this, for it helped protect women against, as he said, the excessive procreative demands of men. After Jacobss death in 1929, Premsela helped to found the Aletta Jacobs House, a family planning clinic, and became its director. The next year he held a public event at the American Hotelone of the big new structures that architecturally defined the citys new golden ageat which people discreetly submitted questions about sex to him in writing. For by now he was interested not just in birth control but in sex as a means of personal growth and liberation. He began a radio show about sex. He wrote a series of books with titles that sound more like they were written in the 1970s than the 1930s: Sexual Education for Our Children. <br>More:

Amsterdam Police said Robert Toledo , 35; Giovanni Fuentes-Diaz , 33; and Melvin Gonzalez , 26; all of Amsterdam were each charged with third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance following the raid. Police said officers executed search warrants at 13 Degraff St. at 9:30 p.m. and along Route 30N, where a car was searched. During the searches, police said they found $3,449 in cash and two cars used to transport and sell narcotics. They were arraigned in Amsterdam City Court and sent to the Montgomery County Jail without bail. Police said additional arrests could come as an investigation continues. <br>More:

Great Dining in Amsterdam: Nouveau, But Not So Rough

Police subsequently found backlinks four kilos of what is believed to be cocaine and 500,000 euros in cash during an apartment search. Originally from Sheffield, Allen is being sought in connection with seizures of heroin and cocaine dating back to 2010 "It is believed he orchestrated the importation of drugs while living in Thailand," the embassy said. The head of Britain's newly-established National Crime Agency's (NCA) fugitives unit, Dave Allen, said "we believe this man... is involved in the importation and supply of large quantities of drugs." Also called "Britain's FBI", the NCA was launched earlier this week. It has an annual budget of nearly half-a-billion pounds (676 million euros) to tackle organised crime in Britain. The suspected smuggler's arrest marked the NCA's "first fugitive to be captured abroad", Dave Allen said. NCA spokesman Rob Williams told AFP that steps were now being taken to have Allen extradited to Britain to face trial. <br>More:

Hat trick makes Van Persie top Dutch scorer

Well, thanks to this video (below) by our friend Clarence , I've just added Groningen to the top of my list. They do amazing things that must be seen to be believed. Sit back and enjoy a look into what most dense cities should look like: Clarence's remark about how quiet the city is reminds us that we don't have to live with noisy cities. As long as there are lots [source] of people, some noise is impossible to avoid, but it could all be made much more pleasant if bicycles were central to how people get around in cities. SF/Screen capture What must be highlighted here, as with Amsterdam and Copenhagen and all other great bike cities, is that this didn't all happen by accident. There was a time when these weren't such great bike cities, and people decided to transform them. That's what we've started to see in some US cities like New York (a lot of work still left to do), which is encouraging. <br>More:

Police arrest 3 in Amsterdam drug raid

The pretrial chamber found that Libyan authorities are "willing and able" to prosecute the al-Senoussi, and therefore he cannot be tried at the ICC. ICC judges have previously resisted giving up jurisdiction in the cases of al-Senoussi and of Gadhafi's son Seif al-Islam, both of whom are being held in Libya, saying the country's legal system simply wasn't ready. "This is a shocking decision which we will immediately appeal," said al-Senoussi's lawyer, Ben Emmerson. Emmerson said there is "overwhelming evidence...that the Libyan justice system is close to collapse and that it is incapable of conducting fair trials of any Gadhafi-era officials." Al-Senoussi is accused by the ICC and Libyan prosecutors of crimes against humanity for the murder and persecution of protesters in the early days of the uprising that eventually toppled Gadhafi in 2011. Separate from the ICC case, he has been accused of complicity in blowing up a Pan Am jumbo jet over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 and a French airliner over Niger the following year causing hundreds of deaths. The ICC judges said they took a number of factors into account in their decision, notably that al-Senoussi is being held by the national government, which Seir al-Islam is held by a regional authority. <br>More:

International court hands war crimes case to Libya

There some talk of veal. There was even some talk of dessert. But we had cleaned all our previous plates and now had to throw in the towel and waddle out to the taxi they called for us. As my friend did for me, I urge you to visit Restaurant As if you're in or near Amsterdam. * * * The previous night we had walked half an hour northish of our hotel (the Pulitzer ) to Marius , a beacon of warm light on a dark street partly (and temporarily) dug up for repair. The small, tightly packed two-room restaurant is low on decor but full of charm, thanks in part to the welcoming, attentive staff (it almost goes without saying that English is spoken in continue all these establishments). <br>More:

You've seen Amsterdam and Copenhagen, now check out Groningen where 50% of trips are done by bike

After heading home Arjen Robben's cross in the 43rd for his second goal of the night to tie the 10-year-old scoring record, Van Persie ran across the field and jumped into Kluivert's arms on the touchline. "Records are made to be broken ... I'm happy for him," Kluivert said. "Every international, we work toward perfection. It is good for the Netherlands, it is good for him." The Manchester United star, playing his 80th international, completed his hat trick in the 53rd, tapping in after Robben nodded down the ball to give the Netherlands a 5-1 lead in the Group D match. "I thought the second was fantastic. The pass (Robben) gave was so beautiful a floater I just had to nod in," Van Persie said. <br>More:

Amsterdam's attic: Elwood Museum returns in new home

A cavernous storage area is on this floor, too. Porcelain, glass, lanterns, says Peconie, ushering a visitor into one of the rooms. On wooden shelves, dozens of tea cups are lined up neatly, along with old-fashioned iron cookware. Another room is packed with racks of antique clothing. The Walter Elwood Museum has become Amsterdams attic over the years, says Peconie, with residents donating interesting things from their families. 20% from Elwood In the 1930s, the web directory collection was 100 percent Elwood, she explains. <br>More:

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